NW Covid-19 Village Support

If you know someone who is not online like a neighbour, friend or family member, who lives in North Waltham we would greatly appreciate your help to pass on important information. 

Information that is received by the North Waltham Covid-19 Support Group and the Parish Council is being uploaded onto this page but we appreciate that this information could be crucial to those individuals in helping them to gain access to help and support that they may not be aware of.  If you are able to, this information can be printed off and posted through their letterbox – following the social distancing guidance – or relayed over the phone or by text.  Please remember to wash your hands before printing the paper and putting it through someone's door and also make sure you wash your hands after delivering.

Alternatively, you can email the address above and we can arrange for hard copies to be posted through their letterbox.

Thank you for your support and help with this

What We’re About

This group has been set up to support our local residents as defined by the Parish Magazine core circulation area and to provide direct support to Old Barn Stores. The purpose of this group is to ensure the vulnerable and residents in self-isolation and cocooning (meaning: protect from an unpleasant situation) can continue to have their basic needs met, whether that is food, prescriptions or animals being cared for. We will also provide a chatting / social service for individuals to stay connected if they live on their own or anyone needs to have someone to chat to.

Please Support Our Local Businesses

COVID-19 is tough on everyone and that includes our local businesses trying to get through the next few months and beyond.
Do you want to know how to support our Local Businesses in North Waltham, Ashe, Steventon, Dummer and Deane?

There's something you can do right now, either as a business owner or as a member of the wider community. It's about sharing what our local businesses can do for the locality during COVID-19 and at the same time, finding out what our local villages need from our businesses.
A Facebook Group has been set up to provide a collaborative platform for businesses to make known their locally available products and services and maybe, if appropriate, how they've been adapted to current times. Businesses can get very creative and offer things in new ways.
But we also want to encourage our local residents to let us know if they are looking for a service or even a locally made or offered product, by posting on this FB group. Be great if we could stay local in our business support. Simply search 'NW, Ashe, Steventon, Dummer & Deane local business' on Facebook.
Please share details of this support with local businesses, so they know what help is at hand, and also to your friends and neighbours in our local community - of course at 2metres distance!
For any questions, please email NWCOVID19@gmail.com and put in the subject field 'Local Business' so it can be directed to the correct member of our team.

Contacting Us

When emailing please cover these points if you can:

  • If you are Self-isolating / Vulnerable / Socially distancing (for medical reasons) / Cocooning
  • What support is needed with detail? Food; Medical; Chat; Hospital; Pets / Vets / Walking / prescriptions
  • Supply your contact details including address
  • If you are very concerned, please supply Next of Kin contact details if you would like someone to have them for the future
  • Please confirm the level of urgency / timelines
  • For food requests: Please confirm payment option:
    1) If you can make a Bank Transfer to an agreed account
    2) If you only have cash
    3) If you are struggling for funding for food costs please advise

We will email to advise who your volunteer is and a password. 

Please note, we have made an assumption that the Old Barn Stores will be the primary source of food deliveries.
We will ensure you have regular updates and please do not hesitate to reach out to all the wonderful people waiting to help you.

Local Teacher Support

A small group of teachers and former teachers in our area have set up a homeschooling support group. Our aim is to try to answer questions you or your child might have about the work that has been assigned by the school or to point you/them in the direction of other resources. The objective of the group is to supplement, not take the place of, the teacher and the school. We have a Facebook page 'North Waltham Teacher Support Group' where we are posting useful resources and websites and we have an email address
northwalthamteachers@gmail.com for individual queries and support.