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Magazine Subscriptions

Yes – it’s that time for the annual subscription for the Parish Magazine to be paid. Pleasingly we are able to keep the subscription at the same low cost of £10 for paper and £8 for email. You will have received an envelope with this magazine to enable us to improve the monitoring of fees paid. Please write your distributors’ name on the front of the envelope and complete the form inside and return with your cheque/cash or mark that you have paid by BACS payment to your distributor. Please ensure that you include your name and address on the form. It would be appreciated if your envelope could be returned to your distributor by the end of January 2017. If you no longer wish to receive the magazine or would like to change from paper to email please advise your distributor who will pass this information on to me. Your co-operation is much appreciated.
Also a very ‘BIG’ Thank you to all of the distributors – we couldn’t do this without you.

Julie Hugman

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