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Rolling Supper in North Waltham - Saturday 26th November 2016

The Village Trust is organising a Rolling supper in the village on Saturday 26th November. Tickets will be £15 per person (to be paid for by 12th November) and venues and rounds will be announced on the day. Offers to host starter, main course or puddings will be welcomed. The plan is to have a maximum of 8 people per round. Wine will be available at each venue for a donation.

Everyone will meet up for coffee (any volunteers to host?) The aim is for no two pairs to eat more than one course together if logistics allow.

Proceeds will go towards the refurbishment of the playground. Please make cheques payable to North Waltham Village Trust.

Tickets from Barbara McLaughlin 2 St Michael’s Close tel 397658 or Jane Laval 4 St Michael’s Close, lavaljane@hotmail.com

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