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WI - December Meeting

Tharaha was welcomed to the meeting. After the business items were dealt with the fun began. Tables had been arranged in informal groups with tablecloths and flowers in vases creating a good ambience and the committee served us with mince pies and mulled wine or fruit juice a-plenty. Then the home entertainment began with two challenging quizzes on A4 paper for us to work out in our groups. There is nothing like a quiz to focus our minds and a quiet, absorbing half hour ensued. After the quiz we were entertained firstly by Ann Evans who read a very funny story about a parrot.

Then Jackie Ward la Pointe read a poem called, ‘Can it be true?’ written by Susan Hill. The BBC requested Susan Hill to write the lyrics for a new carol. Then the BBC held a competition requesting members of the audience to submit the music for the lyrics. The final version was performed by the BBC Singers on 16th December 2014 on Radio 3 at 6.30am, and on Christmas Eve Radio 4 Today programme. Finally Rosina Ford made us smile by reading a thoughtful piece called, ‘My generation didn’t do the “green” thing’. For example, in the old days fresh food was shopped for daily as supermarkets didn’t exist and most people didn’t have fridges so you bought just enough food for your needs that day. Milk bottles, lemonade bottles and beer bottles were returned to the sellers, with the added incentive of receiving a few pence back for the lemonade and beer bottles. Then the sellers sent them back to the plant to be washed and sterilised and refilled to be used again and again. Clothes were dried by wind and solar power costing nothing. It wasn’t called being “green” then. After this there was time for a good chat.

I am sure that lots of people would want to join me in congratulating Suki, Tharaha and their family and friends for hosting the splendid re-opening of the newly upgraded ‘Old Barn Stores’.

Looking forward to 2017 meetings:

Thursday 12th January 2017 – Paula Vallance talks about ‘The Trussell Trust, Basingstoke Food Bank’. For many people in the UK this support is a life-line.

Thursday 9th February 2017 – Salina Mills is a carving artist and will demonstrate how to carve vegetables, fruit and soap!

Thursday 9th March 2017 – Our 81st Birthday Party. Clive Howes, stage name Billy Clayton, will entertain us with music from the 60s and 70s. No doubt there will be lots of singing and maybe some dancing, minus shoes

Why not start the New Year by coming along as a guest, a potential new member, or as someone who is interested in listening to a particular speaker? You will always get a cheery welcome from this fun-loving group! If anyone would like to come along or would like more details please contact Carolyn Brown

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