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News from North Waltham Primary School - Governor Report for January

The subject for Januarys governor visit was to look at the implementation of the marking policy. I and Trish Wyatt met with Miss Walker to look at the effectiveness of the marking policy and to understand how marking is done throughout the school. We did this by looking at a selection of books across all the years and spoke in detail with Miss Walker about the fundamentals of how a piece of work is looked at/marked. It was evident from the onset that the school has a very clear and defined policy which is being used effectively throughout. Each book contains a marking code therefore whoever is checking the work whether it be the teacher, supply teacher or a TA they can ensure consistency in their marking. The marking is checked by the subject co- ordinators and the SMT, and meetings are held to ensure the marking across the school is always kept to the same standard.

We also spoke to Miss Walker around time management – if one piece of work takes 10 minutes to mark and you have 25 students that’s over 4 hours of marking a teacher needs to set aside for one piece of work on one topic – that’s CRAZY...from this Miss Walker explained the use of the Honesty Card, as a parent I had no idea what this was and was pleasantly surprised how this system is used and is working in the classroom. A pupil will self-mark some of their own work, which has been evidenced in their books and is proving to be most effective.

Other News in January-

The school took part in a charity event for the NSCPP – Children took part in the Big Buddy workout where they completed a range of circuit exercises, the children were then awarded different colour badges determined by the number of sponsors they received. Absolutely fantastic effort for such a great cause with a total of £1,853.00 being raised.

Another exciting event was the Design/Technology day, pupils were asked to dress up as astronauts for the day and took part in creating anything space related – I saw some very good rockets coming out of school that day!!

It's been a great start to the year and we look forward to seeing what the school has planned over the coming months.

Co-Opted Governor - Cara Booth

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