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WI - May and June 2019

Our meeting on 9th May 2019 started with our normal business meeting followed by the Annual Meeting.  This included a presentation from Helen, our Communications Secretary, who reviewed the many good meetings and events that have taken place during 2018/19.  Sally then gave the Treasurer’s Report including our spend for the last year and the proposed budget for next year.  Carolyn then gave much well-deserved praise to all the members of the Committee, which, as well as the above mentioned, includes Debbie, Sharon and Penny.  Barbara and Carol have decided to step down from the Committee after many years of service – Barbara has put together a varied and interesting programme for the last few years and Carol has been second in command and supported the President for many years – Carolyn thanked them both for all their hard work.  The officers for 2019/2020 are – Carolyn - President, Sharon - Vice-President, Sally - Treasurer, Helen - Communications Secretary and Debbie - Minutes Secretary.  Two members, Kate and Pauline, then volunteered to be Programme Organisers – thank you so much.  Carolyn thanked other members for their help with the cake and tea/coffee making, posies and raffle prizes over the year.   

On the evening of 13th June 2019, we braved the elements and went on our outing to Gilbert White’s House in Selbourne.  Gilbert White was born in Selbourne and his family moved into The Wakes in 1729 which became his home until he died in 1793.  White was educated at Basingstoke and Oxford and ordained as a curate in 1746 but was far more interested in the natural world.   He is best known for his book “National History and Antiquities of Selbourne” first published in 1789.  The book is based on letters he sent to leading naturalists of the time in which he discussed his observations and theories about the local fauna and flora in his garden at Selbourne.  The book is one of the most published in the English Language.  In 1954 an appeal was launched to buy The Wakes - Robert Washington Oates responded to this appeal as he had a large amount of Oates family memorabilia which he wanted to house in a museum.  Lawrence Oates undertook the epic journey to the South Pole with Captain Scott in 1910-1912.  Lawrence Oates is famous for saying “I am just going outside and may be some time”.  The museum holds a large number of artefacts from this expedition and is fascinating reading.  As well as Lawrence, the Oates family also had a lot of memorabilia from Frank Oates expedition to Africa in 1873 where he became one of the first Europeans to see the Victoria Falls.  So housed in one museum are observations about local nature, an expedition to Antarctica and another one to Africa – you couldn’t be more diverse than that!  Due to the weather, we were unable to look around the garden and grounds, but the museum and house were so fascinating it didn’t really matter!

Next meetings:

11th July 2019 – Our annual Garden Meeting to be held in the garden of Colleen.  This is a social evening to enjoy strawberries and cream and a chat.   Please bring a chair, bowl, spoon and glass.

August 2019 – Summer break - No meeting.

12th September 2019 – Orphaned Elephants in Zambia – our local traveller, Jan Petersen, will talk about the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned elephants.

10th October 2019 – Air Traffic Control – talk about the work of Air Traffic Control in the UK and the changing world of aviation.

Why not come along as a guest, a potential new member, or as someone who is interested in listening to a particular speaker?  We are a cheerful group of ladies and we do have fun!  If anyone would like to come along or would like more details please contact Carolyn Brown.

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