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WI - Feb 2020

Our first meet in 2020 was the long-awaited for Petra Jewellery and what a lovely opening for the year. Petra Jewellery, a local business based in Viables Craft Centre,  is all about personalised service for the customer. Yeah, yeah I know that sounds the normal sales pitch but this really is personalised. They can take your sentimental heirloom and remake it into a design of your choosing. Now I expect you’re thinking it would have to be mega valuable items of pure gold … No, it doesn’t!

Did you know 22carat gold is the closest you can get to pure gold? 18carat is 75% gold and 9 carat is 37% gold.

They do repairs, alterations and redesign with customers budgets from £15 to £15,000. The mum-and-daughter business includes an onsite goldsmith and license to buy their own gold. They take pride in achieving the customer's dream. Bespoke designs, most often for engagement, wedding or eternity, maybe with new materials but can also be made from family heirlooms. Whilst risk and expectation has to be managed, they are very conscious of the emotional security they are entrusted within handling generational keepsakes. Their adage was stated as “very much about a journey together”.

They retail some items but always careful to buy unique styles. Not all bespoke designing is for ceremonies. They create new memories and restore old memories. Their remodelling of old gold can be for rings, brooches, pendants, etc. They also create hinged rings to go over knobbly joints. You can even get involved with the physical making of the gold. Now they also run Workshop experiences for adults and children.

Petra Jewellers can bring ‘recycling’ to a whole new level, with gold.


There were noticeably fewer cars in the car park for our February meeting, an indication of the focus of our evening. Helen from Majestic presented an interesting evening of wine tasting.

The tasting of the wine was combined with tasters of food to demonstrate the flavours. The suggestion for fish and chips was Prosecco. The fizz cuts through the salt and oil.

Interesting facts about examining the wines included;

swirling the wine around the glass oxygenates the liquid which enhances the aroma of the wine, the tip of our tongues is where we taste sweetness,

angle the glass with the wine near the rim and the lighter colour indicates a lighter flavour.

The names of wines are nearly always from the grape that it is made from e.g. Sauvignon, Pinot, Chenin. Other wines are named after the region where the wine was made e.g. Rioja, Bordeaux. If a wine is made in exactly the same as a Bordeaux but not made in that region, then it can not be called a Bordeaux. Claret is the English version of a Bordeaux.

‘Room temperature’ for serving wine was a term devised before central heating. Red wine is only recommended to be served at temperatures above 10degrees as opposed to any higher temperature.  Chablis is made with the chardonnay grape and stored in metal vats. Whereas Chardonnay is stored in oak and the wood comes from a forest started by Napoleon Bonaparte

The classic statement at the end of the evening came from our representative presenting our thanks to Helen; “I’m trying really hard to be sober”. What more needs saying about the enjoyment of the evening!


Next Meetings: 

Thursday 12th March 2020 – 84th Birthday:  This year we will be entertained by Musicality as well as enjoying a supper provided by members.

Thursday 9th April 2020 – Chair Yoga – you do not need to be bendy to do yoga!  Come along and find out the benefits of chair yoga.


Why not come along as a guest, a potential new member, or as someone who is interested in listening to a particular speaker.  We are a cheerful group of ladies and we do have fun!  If anyone would like to come along or would like more details please contact Carolyn Brown.

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