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North Waltham Village Roads – Time for Change?

Many councils are introducing 20mph limits both to reduce road accident risk and encourage active travel, increase walking, cycling and horse-riding as well as to improve air quality. They are encouraging and helping drivers to keep to safe speeds, but also to contribute towards healthier environments.
Therefore, what shall we do?
Is there support to improve our roads for our community and to consider a 20mph speed limit and other speed reducing measures in our village?
In their May meeting, North Waltham Parish Council (NWPC) agreed to continue lobbying for a reduction in the speed limit with the aim of reducing the risk of road accidents and improving residents’ quality of life for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and other residents making their way to school, shops, bus stops and inns etc.
To achieve these goals, NWPC members agreed to set up a working group consisting of members of NWPC and other interested parties. Ideally, the working group would consist of a cross-section of our community so that the proposals that are produced take into account the views of the village at large.
It is intended that the working group will hold a series of virtual meetings using Zoom and will be separate from the normal council meeting. As a working group, any proposals will need to be agreed by the NWPC. The terms of reference will need to be discussed at the first meeting of the working group.
If you are interested in joining the working group, you will be most welcomed or have any views to express please contact Gary Whiteside on 397452.
North Waltham Parish Councillor

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