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COVID-19 Group - July 2020

This group was set up on the 15th March 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  Since then we have supported many residents with shopping, delivery of papers, collection of prescriptions, having someone to talk to, etc.  Over the past few weeks, the village has settled into a routine of members of the Covid-19 Support Group, friends and neighbours all watching out and helping each other wherever possible.


The Covid-19 Core Group recently discussed the way forward and we agreed that as from the 1st August 2020 (the date those who are most vulnerable will have more freedom), the Support Group will “soft close” but we will keep both the WhatsApp and email open so, if necessary, we can immediately re-start the process.  The e-mail will continue to be monitored daily in the event of any requests being received.


Contact can continue to be made to the mobile number highlighted at the end of this article, but our preferred method of communication is by email to NWCOVID19@gmail.com


Further information about the group can be found in the following link:




We would like to thank everyone again for volunteering in the support group and/or helping neighbours and friends with shopping, etc.  We know that residents are so appreciative of the help they have received during these challenging times.


And finally, a huge thanks to Suki and his team for continuing to keep the shop so well stocked to keep us all fed and watered.  Now that shops have reopened and restrictions continue to ease, please remember Old Barn Stores who supported us all in our time of need when we couldn’t get essentials.  Who got extra loo rolls, vegetables, and many other items, not forgetting plain, SR and bread flour, which was like gold dust during the lockdown.  Please continue to support Old Barn Stores in recognition of the amount of effort Suki and his team have put in over the last 4 months.  Thank you.


North Waltham COVID19 Core Group 

Carolyn Brown         07340305938 

Adele Stevenson      07584060064 

Jean Malone             07980259661 

Lois Lang                    07890886326 

Penny Williamson    07740563803

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