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Cuckoo Meadow

As you have probably seen, SSE has replaced the two wooden poles supporting the supply transformer near the Cuckoo Meadow tennis court and car park. This replacement was needed as the old poles were riddled with insect damage. The work has unfortunately resulted in substantial local damage to the adjacent grassed area which was reinforced with plastic mesh as part of the car park extension. I have repaired this as best I can but the ground now needs an extensive recovery period to allow the grass to re-grow - a process not helped by this year's spring drought. Accordingly, the area has been roped off until the autumn at least.

The tennis court is now open again for recreational use - but this must be in line with evolving Government directives. Please check with the Lawn Tennis Association website for up-to-date guidance.

Person or persons unknown have been bringing numerous large wooden fence posts onto Cuckoo Meadow and leaving them in the wooded area adjacent to the tennis court or on the earth BMX track; some of these posts have large protruding nails which present a significant safety hazard and accordingly have been removed. Additionally, bricks and chunks of concrete are being brought onto the Meadow and also being dumped in the same area. These incidents coincide with the earth hills, created by parents some years ago to form the BMX track, being broken up and large ridges carved into them; there have been several complaints from residents that these practices have rendered the BMX track unusable for village children. WILL WHOEVER IS DOING THIS, PLEASE STOP!

We have also had an incident of someone dumping barbed wire into a waste skip adjacent to the garage. These skips are provided primarily for Pre-School and other hirers of the Rathbone Pavilion and general disposal of waste from the Meadow; they are not a refuse tip to be used as a substitute for the Wade Road Recycling Centre. Again, please desist from this anti-social behaviour.

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