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NW WI - Sept 2020

North Waltham WI held its first Zoom meeting on the 10th September 2020.  We started the Zoom half an hour before the official meeting start to allow members time to join at their leisure and we all had a good old chinwag – not the same as in person, but certainly an acceptable alternative.  A very short business meeting followed, then we had a presentation and talk from Lorraine Major about her time spent on a medical boat travelling up the Amazon.  One of the major health issues in Peru is decaying teeth even in very young children. This is due to the huge amount of sweet fizzy drinks they consume – however, they are not lucky enough to have clean water on tap.  Their water supplies are contaminated with all sorts of things, humans washing themselves and clothes and animals using the waterways, to name just a couple.  As well as treating medical conditions, Lorraine and her colleagues provided education in subjects such as personal hygiene and how to avoid diseases.  A very thought-provoking and interesting talk from Lorraine and a success for our very first Zoom meeting.


With all the changes in the current guidelines in the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are going to continue holding our meetings by Zoom.  The National Federation of Wis has sent out a communication that any meetings of more than six people, either indoors or outdoors, are not allowed under the current “Rule of Six” which is enforceable by law.


Our Zoom meeting on the 8th October 2020 will be a social event.  We will start again at 7.00pm to allow people to have a chat with each other.  The plan is to then have a fun session of some description – so if anyone has attended fun Zoom events that you think we could use for our meeting, then please let me know.  Otherwise I’m sure the Committee will come up with something!


On the 12th November 2020, we are hoping to be joined by Jo South, who is a local artist from Overton.  Kate has contacted her, and she is happy to do her talk via Zoom.


We appreciate that these are very challenging times – it would be lovely to see you all in person, however, that is not going to be possible for the foreseeable future.  Zoom is a good alternative and if you’re not confident about using it then please do get in touch with either myself or one of the committee members and we will try and help you get started.


The committee is also looking at setting up a few ad-hoc coffee/wine/chat Zoom sessions – we’ve been so lucky with the weather over Summer but the days are getting shorter so having a few informal chats to join if you wish could be just the tonic for some of us.  These will be sent out by email in the next few weeks.


In the meantime, if anyone needs anything or just a chat please do get in touch carolynbrown50@googlemail.com

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