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Church Flowers

Do you have a few spring flowering sprigs to spare to decorate the Church?

After the Lenten period and the strict lockdown, it will be uplifting for all to see the inside of the church with life, love, living blooms.
Do you have a few spring flowering sprigs to spare to fill the lovely ancient building that is also the Village Church - with hope and joy for everyone for the spring season?

It’s much more meaningful to have local flowers than to head to the supermarkets for flowers sourced from afar, exhausted and chemically suspended following long journeys.

Please take a look in your garden, and see if you have shrubs or trees in bloom.

I am happy to collect or if you prefer you can drop off in the Church porch, a bucket will be left with thanks and appreciation from Wednesday 31st March. Leave a note with dropped flowers and I’ll be sure to thank you.

Of course if you’d like to help decorate, do get in touch.

Cathryn Whiteside

07768 300229

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