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Speed Reduction Group - Feb 20222

North Waltham Speed Reduction Working Group: Update on our campaign to reduce the speed limit to 20 mph in North Waltham:
We’ve taken our campaign to the Hampshire County Council, who are now completely reviewing their policy on speed limits. A County-wide 20 mph limit in all villages is under consideration and we’re pushing to become the pilot village for a trial. We have had tremendous encouragement from local councillor Juliet Henderson, and Russell Oppenheimer (Highways Operations) has agreed to back us.
We also continue to receive robust support from local councillor Dianne Taylor and MP Kit Malthouse.
Donna Jones, Hampshire Police Commissioner has been keen to reassure us that enforcement is very possible and she will lend her full support to such a speed limit.
We’ve also recently joined forces with the “20 is Plenty” campaign’s regional coordinator, Dr Hannah Greenberg.
We thought we’d share with you some of “20 is plenty” findings on the positive effects of a 20mph limit:

  • 20mph is global best practice where people mix with motor traffic.
  • It is popular: Government and other surveys consistently find 70% support in residential streets which rises after 20mph limits are introduced.
  • Affordable and cost-effective.
  • 20mph helps to create places where human activity, including walking, cycling and social interaction, takes precedence over traffic.
  • Safer: 20mph schemes typically lead to up to 20% fewer casualties.
  • Better for the environment: 20mph reduces CO2 emissions by 26% and NOx by 28% compared with 30mph and is 50% quieter.
  • Sustainable: Helps to address climate change, improve air quality and enable more people to walk and cycle – especially for short journeys.
    They have a lot more information on their website, which can be found on https://www.20splenty.org

We’re very encouraged by the tremendous support from all of these people, and hope that we will continue to make progress with our campaign.

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