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WI - Sept 2022

Our last meeting was on Thursday 8th September 2022.  The passing of Queen Elizabeth II had just been announced so the meeting started with Jerusalem and a two-minute silence.  Queen Elizabeth had been a member of the WI for over 80 years and was President of the Sandringham WI since the death of the Queen Mother.  She attended the WI meeting at Sandringham every January.

Our speaker was Kate Holdsworth whose topic was “Everything you need to know about nutrition at a certain age and were afraid to ask!”  Kate originally trained as a teacher and moved to North Waltham in 2001.  Kate confessed to always having a “rubbish relationship with food” and as teaching became more stressful, she made the decision to leave and retrained as a nutritionist and is now a qualified Nutritional Coach.

The first question we were asked is “why does nutrition matter?”  The simple answer is that it underpins everything that happens in our life – sleep, energy, fitness, stress, mood, etc.  It is all linked and if our diet doesn’t meet all our needs then we start to feel the effects.  There are many barriers to eating well – time, cost, motivation and response to emotional needs to name just a few.  As we get older our dietary requirements change as well – we need about 200 fewer calories each day to maintain a steady weight.  And for women, we need double the calcium post-menopause.

So, what can we do to help us eat a more varied and nutritious diet.  Fibre is important for gut health so look at changing to wholewheat varieties.  Increasing fruit and vegetables – it’s recommended that we consume at least 30 different varieties each week.  We were asked how many we could name – over the course of the meeting we came up with 45!!  Including blueberries when a voice from the audience piped up and said they are also good for the libido – we didn’t ask how they knew!!

Kate’s talk was excellent and included many suggestions on how we can improve our diets – who knew that peas added to scrambled eggs is one way of doing this!  I think we all came away having learnt a lot of good tips on how to improve our eating habits.

Our forthcoming meetings are:

  • Thursday 13th October 2022:  How I built ‘The City of Stories’ – local author and retired teacher, Lynn Clement, shares her story of how she got into writing after retiring and ultimately being published.
  • Thursday 10th November 2022:  More Tales from the Beat – we welcome back Jackie Dimmock to entertain us with her humorous descriptions of life as police officer supported by one of her superb mini quilts.  Laughter guaranteed!!
  • Thursday 8th December 2022:  Christmas Party with Majestic Wines – a return visit to help us understand wine and food pairing as we approached the festive season.

If you are interested in joining us at one of our Meetings, held in the Rathbone Pavilion, please contact Carolyn Brown


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