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R2D2 Running Club

You may have seen some signs, (arrows, circles), made with flour on the roads of our village last week. A running and walking group called R2D2, (see their web site), set a run using the flour to show directions, last Thursday, starting and finishing at The Fox.      See full story...

Village Power Cuts

Just spoken to SSE about the spate of electricity outages in North Waltham over the last few weeks ( the ones I recorded are: 17/9/16; 19/9/16 and 23/9/16). The time and effort needed to re-set timers and clocks is really getting beyond a joke. It appears that the outages are caused by birds or squirrels etc. setting off the safety switches on the high voltage overhead lines. I suggested that perhaps SSE need to check to see why this is happening so much at present...I have made a complaint. If you have been inconvenienced by the power outages you can call SEE on 0800 072 7282 and do the same.      See full story...