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Tennis Court Bookings

In order to preserve the condition of the surface, the tennis court must only be used for tennis.  Please do not allow dogs to enter the court.

The court is available to North Waltham and Steventon residents only free of charge.

The court is currently left unlocked to allow easy access to all residents.  However should the court be misused this decision will have to be reviewed.

The court can be booked using an on-line booking system.  Unreserved use of the court is still permitted when no booking has been made.  However persons who have booked the court take priority, and we would appreciate you booking the court whenever possible so that we have a good idea of how often the court is being used.


Booking Guidelines

  • The court can be booked for one hour sessions.
  • Persons who have booked the court take priority over users who have not booked.
  • Confirmation of the booking may be printed and taken to the court.
  • The Trust reserves the right to close the court at any time for safety or maintenance reasons regardless of any bookings already made. Whenever possible, notice will be given and the work period entered into the booking system in advance.

Request Bookings Login

In order to register for the online booking system please use the form below to send the following details for all family members who may wish to use the court:

  • full name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • contact email


Bookings Login Request Form