Trustees and Officers

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Malcolm Knight
01256 397359
07887 661988
Julia Preston
Bookings Secretary
01256 398712
Adrian McLaughlin
Trustee (Life Member) - Village Hall
William Rathbone OBE
Trustee (Life Member)
Mike Robinson
Trustee (Life Member)
Nick Dudman
Trustee (North Waltham Primary School nominee)
Lucy Henry
Angus Macdonald
Peter Osmond
Trustee - Village Hall
Steve Single
Trustee - Meadow / Play area
Jim Stevenson
Emma Turner
Trish Wyatt
Trustee (Parochial Church Council nominee)
Allan Hawkey
0330 900 1121
07771 865138
Geoff Chapman
Trustee (Parish Council Nominee)
Judith Williams
Trustee (Parish Council Nominee)
Neal Turner
Trustee - Meadow / Play area
Hannah Pearce
Trustee (Pre-School Nominee)
Denise Liddiard
Honorary Treasurer